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7/23/2019 11:00 PM

Event Driven PrEP (ED-PrEP) – Another Prevention Option

At the IAS 2019 Conference in Mexico City, The World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed On-demand, or Event-driven pre-exposure prophylaxis (ED-PrEP) as an option; still limited to MSM. Here is the section, in their brief on the subject, that positions this option:

“There are concerns that using ED-PrEP, and consistently taking the correct regimen, may be difficult for some people. Where ED-PrEP and daily PrEP are offered to men who have sex with men, they can be supported to choose the option they prefer. It is recognized that in some settings where clinics offer PrEP services to a range of populations including MSM (both those who identify as such and those do not), a single option of daily PrEP may be preferred. Further, daily dosing should be offered as an alternative that may be easier to use and is preferable when sex events are frequent and/ or unplanned.”

Since the recommendation applies globally, WHO notes that caution should be taken when documenting ED-PrEP use in places where same-sex sexual activity is criminalized.

World Health Organization,

Source: Reporting from Mexico City for PRN News: Bill Valenti, MD

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