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7/22/2019 9:54 PM

IAS Mexico City: Monthly IM Cabotegravir + Rilpivirine Non-inferior to Oral ART

Cabotegravir (CAB) is a long-acting integrase inhibitor being investigated for use once monthly by injection.

Two randomized, open-label, international phase 3 studies (ATLAS and FLAIR), evaluated switching to monthly intramuscular injections of long-acting formulations of cabotegravir (CAB LA) and rilpivirine (RPV-LA) vs continuing oral combination antiretroviral therapy (CAR).

The combined 48 primary endpoint analysis was a pooled and subgroup analysis of data from the two studies. This pooled analysis demonstrated that monthly injections of CAB-LA + RPV-LA were non-inferior to daily oral CAR for maintaining HIV-1 suppression, and provided improved treatment satisfaction.

Overton, ET et al. Monthly long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine is non-inferior to oral ART as maintenance therapy for HIV-1 infection: Week 48 pooled analysis from the Phase 3 ATLAS and FLAIR studies. Tenth International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science, Mexico City, abstract MOPEB257, 2019.

Source: Reporting from Mexico City for PRN News: Bill Valenti, MD

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