Since 1990, helping busy clinicians master the science and art of caring for people with HIV disease.

About PRN

Mission Statement of Physicians' Research Network

Our mission is to provide ongoing peer support to physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants providing care to people with, and at risk for, HIV disease and/or viral hepatitis. Like the patients we serve, we face many issues of clinical uncertainty. PRN is committed to improving the diagnosis, management and prevention of these epidemic viral diseases and their complications, and to enhancing the broad spectrum of skills utilized by our members.

The Organization

The Physicians' Research Network (PRN) is a not-for-profit, peer-support and educational organization serving clinicians working in the fight against HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis. Founded in 1990 in New York City, PRN has held monthly meetings, aiming for the cutting edge of treatment and research. We have established a reputation for spotlighting the work of the most innovative and influential leaders in the fields of HIV treatment and prevention, and the diagnosis and management of coinfections, complications, and comorbidities. Since 2001 in collaboration with the New York County Medical Society, and since 2010 with the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY), PRN has issued over 16,000 CME credits to our meeting attendees. In addition to our monthly live-events, PRN and MSSNY are now creating videos of our live meetings in NYC for Internet broadcast by the NYSDOH AIDS Institute’s Continuing Education Institute (CEI). We are also pleased to announce that full PRN membership, with advance notification and invitations to our monthly meetings in NYC, is available to all qualifying clinicians in New York State and nationwide.

The PRN Notebook

Because the demand for information presented at our meetings is of interest to a far wider audience than we can serve face-to-face in New York City we have chronicled our meetings in The PRN Notebook since 1995. Our publication has gained recognition far and wide as one of the finest examples of technology transfer from medical research centers to front line primary care providers. We are constantly working to make treatment advances in HIV/AIDS understandable to more general audiences, and have now shifted away from our print and internet-based publication to video recordings of our monthly live events with CME.

Since 1998 our Web site,, has served an ever-expanding audience. Our Web site is the home of The PRN Notebook and much more, including the PRN News featuring reports by or own members from medical conferences around the world, the PRN Gallery where you can view and download original images from our publications, and Provider Resources with handy clinical references and links. We have also created a Member Area, with user ID and password entry for qualifying clinicians nationwide, with dates and topics of our upcoming meetings and online pre-registration for those wishing to attend. We look forward to seeing you in New York!