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7/24/2019 6:47 PM

Every Other Day Antiretroviral Maintenance Strategy

Another late-breaker at IAS in Mexico City focused on reducing the pill burden in people living with HIV. This open-label, randomized Phase III study compared four-day-per-week dosing of typical three-drug regimens to standard daily dosing.

This study, conducted in France by ANRS, included more than 600 participants randomized to the two approaches. Subjects were taking a variety of three-drug regimens, and all subjects were virally suppressed for more than 12 months. After 48 weeks, the four-day-per-week approach was found to be non-inferior to everyday treatment in terms of maintaining viral suppression. These findings offer further evidence that newer HIV treatment drugs can be used in innovative ways.

My take: the challenge here is what to tell patients about drug dosing. I suspect that some patients are taking antiretrovirals every other day already. For now, I need to think about how to use these data in practice.

Landman RL et al. ANRS 170 QUATUOR 4/7 days maintenance strategy in antiretroviral treated adults with HIV-1 infection: an open randomized, parallel non-inferiority phase III trial. Abstract WEAB0406LB, 2019.

Source: Reporting from Mexico City for PRN News: Bill Valenti, MD

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